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The Baby Bottle Trainer


There are many different baby bottle holders on the market. Find out what to look for when shopping for a baby bottle holder...

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1. Does Helping Hands only fit certain size bottles?

The bottle holder will adjust to fit different size bottles and sippie cups.


2. How will my baby know to place the bottle in their mouth?

A baby quickly associates his/her bottle with the desire to feed. If your baby is hungry, they will naturally attempt to put the nipple in their mouth. The problem is, most babies lack the motor skills required to do so. With the use of Helping Hands your baby will be able to feed on their own once they feel the desire.


3. How should I position my baby when using Helping Hands?

Helping Hands Bottle Trainer should be used while the baby is sitting at an angled /propped up position. Not lying down flat. This is the best position for bottle-feeding as it reduces the possibility of choking and helps prevent ear infections. While using Helping Hands, the baby is in complete control. They only place the bottle in their mouth when they are ready, and when they are finished feeding they can easily remove the bottle from their mouth.


4. Can I use Helping Hands in a moving vehicle?

It is perfectly fine to use Helping Hands in a moving vehicle. It is recommended and will make your life a lot easier.


5. I like to hold my baby while feeding, should I use Helping Hands?

Yes, Helping Hands are there when you need extra help. Helping Hands are a great training tool, and you can hold your baby while using them.


6. Will Helping Hands fit my baby’s hands?

Helping Hands were designed to fit babies of all ages and sizes. They are not intended for newborns.


7. Will Helping Hands aggravate my baby?

Helping Hands are made of 100% polyester flannel (super soft) and your baby will love the texture. Your baby will have complete use of their hands, and they will not irritate them.


8. How can I make sure my baby is not sucking air?

When first using Helping Hands you should make sure your baby is at an angled / propped position. You should also place the bottle holder at the TOP of the baby bottle. The angle of your baby and the position of the bottle holder (along with gravity) will ensure that your baby will be sucking milk, and not air.

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